Spa Consulting & Franchise

Our Story

Our name FicusSpa, is derived from an ancient tree genus, mainly found in the tropics. Better known as the Fig, Bodhi and Banyan tree, this genus is closely associated with spiritualism, wellbeing and longevity. The tree’s edible fruits are a good source of nutrition, leaves used in herbal medication and its structure sustain life.

For us at FicusSpa Kanchanburi, the choice of name is synonymous with our philosophy to promote wellness through the application of ancient massage techniques and body treatments. We believe that each therapy, delivered by a trained professional therapist, using only the best natural products, brings positive health benefits. A blissful spa experience is enhanced by a clean and relaxing spa environment to be found in a well-designed spa facility.

Through our extensive experience in spas, we provide the following consultancy services

  • Spa Facility Design
  • Spa Menu Conceptualization
  • Products Sourcing & Retailing
  • Therapist Training
  • Spa Operations & Reports

In addition, for spa new owners who share our wellness philosophy, our spa franchise programme is another option. Here, we welcome you as a partner of FicusSpa where you will carry our brand, and we will bring your dream spa from concept to reality. Please contact us for further details.