Spa Products

Herbal Massage Oils & Balms

Our spa products are sourced from high quality natural ingredients consisting of botanical extracts and plant essential oils. With guest comfort our top priority, all our spa oils, balms & creams have undergone strict dermalogical testing to ensure upmost guest comfort. Through popular demand, our spa herbal oil and balm used during traditional massages are now available for your purchase and enjoyment at home.

Herbal Teas

Teas served to our guests at FicusSpa, are specially chosen for their medicinal properties. These consist of traditional herbs, fruits and flowers which are prepared daily in small batches to ensure freshness and taste. Our spa teas are sourced directly from small village producers in Thailand, so your purchase benefits them and in turn sustains a traditional industry.

Bath Salts

Try our soothing Japanese Bath Salt selection & enjoy a soothing, Japanese hot spring bath in your own home! These fully imported bath salts and minerals are derived from 5 of Japan’s famous hot springs(Onzen). Add a packet to ordinary bath water to transform it into your very own fragrant, skin rejuvenating, muscle soothing Onzen!