Kanchanaburi – Things To Do

Kanchanaburi is the 3rd largest province in Thailand and shares it’s northwest boarder with Myanmar. Surrounded by evergreen forest and infamous as the location of WWII death railway, this is also the meeting point of the Kwae Yai & Kwae Noi rivers. It is a region steep in history, from sites with 4th century archeological remains to the beautiful Khmer ruins of Prasat Muang Singh.

With several national parks, Kanchanaburi captivates nature’s splendor, surrounded by mountains, several majestic waterfalls, and golf courses. Ideal for outdoor activities such as bird watching, bicycling, jungle trekking, rafting, camping, canoeing and rock climbing. Other leisurely activities include visiting quaint Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife safaris, eating at river restaurants or shopping for gemstones at the local market. Kanchanaburi has something for everyone. We would like to share with you some snapshots of these places and look forward to welcome you at FicusSpa during your stay.