Spa Treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

Passed down through generations, with roots in ayurveda, yoga and traditional chinese medicine, the Traditional Thai Massage is a blend of deep tissue massage based on acupressure points and stretching techniques.

It releases tension, increases flexibility and tones the internal body thus promoting vitality. The after effects of this treatment are a feeling of lightness and relaxation. Recommended for those who prefer a firm massage.

560 (60 min)

840 (120 min)

Aromatherapy Massage

Our most aromatic and relaxing massage with a choice of four specially blended essential oils. Using a combination of Swedish massage strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage allows the healing properties of these essential oils to penetrate into the skin leaving you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. You should sleep like a baby after. Perfect for couples seeking time to relax together.

840 (60 min)

1,260 (120 min)

Golden Candle Oil Massage

A warming body massage, using a special blend of warm oil wax and shea butter to moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Our signature massage is designed to alleviate muscle fatigue, tension, and promote circulation. An extremely balancing treatment that calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Tailor made for people with dry skin, this treatment will leave your skin glowing with health.

1,050 (60 min)

1,540 (120 min)

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Designed for those leading an active lifestyle, this massage uses a blend of essential oils to stimulate and revitalize. It is a slow deep tissue massage which concentrates on soothing sore muscles, enhances blood circulation and promotes energy flows. Recommended for those who prefer a strong massage.

910 (60 min)

1,330 (120 min)

Rejuvenating Facial

Our facial treatment is both a stress-melting escape and a healing treat for your skin. Trained therapists apply a combination of stroking, tapping and compression movements during the treatment, seeking to rejuvenate texture and complexion. We use high quality, clinically tested facial care products containing collagen, vitamin-e and anti-aging boosters to revitalize your skin ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated.

1,120 (60 min)


We offer a full range of professional body waxing services. Perfect for ladies who are tired of the daily shaving routine. Remember with waxing, there’s no razor burn, very little problem of ingrown hairs and no itch! New hairs will not grow back for 3-8 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. We use importedGiGi products. Call us to make an appointment.

Full Arm       420

Half Legs     560

Full Legs      700

Bikini        1,050

Brazilian   1,260

Body Wrap & Scrub

To enhance your sense of invigoration and renewal, we invite you to complement your spa treatment by starting with a skin rejuvenating scrub and wrap. Your skin is exfoliated & nourished utilizing a combination of herbs, minerals and fruits, known for their restorative effects. Choose from a range of scrubs and exotic wraps which best suits your individual needs and desires.

Scrub 840 (45 min)

Wrap  840 (45 min)

Foot Massage

With ancient origins in China, Egypt and Greece, this massage is based on the principles of reflexology. The feet are regarded as a microcosm of the body, where the soles and top of the feet are reflex areas which correspond to organs, glands, limbs and senses. This massage serves to remove blockages, promotes circulation and ease pain, restoring the body’s natural balance. A perfect end to a day spent exploring the sights of Kanchanaburi

560 (60 min)

800 (120 min)